Thursday, July 22, 2010

Team Edward?? or Team Jacob??

So until recently I did not fully understand the obsession with the Twilight Series!  I must say that I really do appreciate a good vampire story (almost to the point of fixation) but what I saw of these books and movies, didn’t appeal to me…. at first!!

I know I am behind the times.. but we rented the first movie a couple of weeks ago.  I loved it so much, the next night, we rented New Moon!  I sat through both movies on the edge of my seat and felt such emotion when they were over… it was strange, yes, but when I am really into a movie, that’s what happens! 

Now I want to read the books and want to order them very soon!  So my question for you is ….

Are you Team Edward --------



or are you Team Jacob???



I must say that ideally, I would very much appreciate Edwards head on Jacob’s body… but since I can’t have everything I want, I have to vote………


Where do you stand??


MoonDog said...


Shelley said...

PLEASE read the books! They are a billion times better than the movies! I even read them outloud...all 2,000+ my husband (who hates to read, but wanted to know why I kept raving about these books). Oh, and, without a doubt...Team Edward all the way :)

Ellen Stumbo said...

Really? We just recently watched them and we felt like, "Really? What is the hype all about?"

The vampire is freaky! Makes no sense to me why oh why anyone would not find him creepy, and the wolf guy just walks around without his shirt on. I mean seriously? Who does that?

Anyway, that is my opinion for ya' :)I suppose when it comes to Twilight I am not a fan.

Which probably means I should have refrained from my comments!

Christy said...

I was late entering Twilight world too. A friend loaned me the dvds and after watching... I had to read the series. The books are better. oh... and Edward, definitely Edward.

Mona Hutchins said...

i'm in my sixties and even I enjoyed the books! I'm for team Jacob, because he's more human and warm!