Friday, July 16, 2010

Kid Funnies!

Josie – While we had a day at the pool.. It was time to go and of course she didn’t want to.. Our friend Erika was there with her kids and told Josie that her mommy and daddy were going to leave without her “So” Josie said.  Erika said again, that it was time to go home “ I don’t want to go” Josie said again with a little more frustration.  Erika said that she better get going because Leilana (our sitter and an aid at Josie’s school) is coming to your house tonight.  “FINE” and she got up out of the water and was ready to go!!  Guess she loves her sitter!  LOL

Katie – As we were walking to swim lessons – we walked by a house.  “Mommy, the big bad wolf is NOT going to blow down that house”.  “Why is that Katie” … as she looked at me like I had 2 heads.  Then with her 4 year old attitude she says “ because it’s made of brick MOM!”  Well ….. I guess she was exactly right! 

Owen – As we were getting ready to go out for the evening, Joe put his cell phone in the little pocket in his carpenter pants.  Later, Josie bumped into him and Owen was on the other side of him.  While we were driving, Joe reached for his phone to make a call and pulled out a toy Barbie phone!  Josie had gotten his attention and Owen lifted his phone out of his pocket and replaced it with the Barbie phone!  Little stinkers.  Then he proceeded to hide it under Katie’s bed until we were gone!  We are in so much trouble!  They are starting to conspire against us already!!

Jake – While we were eating dinner one night, Joe and I were talking about our day and I wasn’t feeding Jake as quickly as he would have liked me to!  He started fussing and I turned to him and said “Is mommy not going fast enough for you?  You are going to have to start to learn some patience” and I’ll be darned if that little stinker didn’t flip me the bird!  Joe and I laughed so hard!  He fits right in here!!!!  LMAO!!!

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