Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Bracelet

Look at this bracelet!  It’s the newest trend among kids, and it made. me. cry!!

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You are probably wondering  just WHY a stupid bracelet could make this mommy cry??

I have worried about Josie making friends in Kindergarten since she has been very very little.  It’s something that has always been in the back of my head.  Well, my fears became reality last week when Josie started Kindergarten with her typical peers.  I was nervous to say the least, but so far so good!  I wasn’t sure though that she was making friends, but I figured there was plenty of time for that! 

To make my worry even greater, I have enrolled Josie in the YMCA after school care program they have at school.  After school is over, she goes to the YMCA, which is in the Elementary school and plays with kids who are in Kindergarten and older.  This worried me because I don’t think they have kids with special needs very often.  She has been there all week and again, so far so good. 

Yesterday I went to pick her up and she was sandwiched between 4 2nd or 3rd graders!  They were all chatting and Josie was joining right in.  They were all coloring and the two girls on either side of her were helping her color a picture.  I signed Josie out and she came running to me and gave me a HUGE HUG as she does everyday!  We collected her backpack and walked back over to her spot at the table.  She had neglected to put her colors away so we were on a mission to clean up the mess.  All the girls on that side gave her a high 5 and told her to have a good weekend.  “See you on Monday Josie” I heard from about 10 different boys and girls.  “Are you Josie’s mommy?…. You are a lucky mom” I heard from another. 

That’s when I noticed it… Josie’s new bracelet that I hadn’t bought for her.  I immediately asked where she got it (I didn’t want her to have taken something that wasn’t hers) and she walked over to a little girl, probably a 2nd grader and with a huge smile, pointed at her.  The little girl turned around and gave Josie a big hug and said to me “ I gave her that bracelet for her to keep…she’s so sweet and I just really like her!  She’s one of my new friends”  We thanked her and off we went… with mommy crying all the way to the van!  Why was it again that I was worried about Josie???…. She’s doing just fine!!!


Lyndi said...

You got ME crying, and I'm not her mom, LOL. Of course she made new friends, you have an awesome kid there. Who wouldn't like her??

Amy Flege said...

great now you got me crying.. i have goosebumps that wont go away!! she is so wonderful.. she will do great!!!

Amy said...

Oh my gosh, I'm totally bawling!! As soon as I saw that little silly-band picture I KNEW and already started tearing up!!

SO SWEET. Please give Miss Josie a big hug for me.

You just made this Momma's day too!!