Tuesday, October 26, 2010

We’re HOME!!!

We are finally home from the hospital (as of Friday) and we are on day TWO at back to normal!  Well at least what our version of normal seems to be.  Josie is back to kindergarten where everyone missed her so much!  I bet she got 15 hugs on the way in to school yesterday and today both! 

Jake has been back at school now for a little over two weeks and he’s doing good!  He’s pretty tired though when he comes home, but he’s doing good! 

Katie is back at preschool this week and had her school pictures yesterday which she was so excited about.  Later this week she has her Halloween party and is looking forward to wearing her costume to school! 

Owen is well…. Owen!  He’s home with me all the time and we’re having fun.  Sometimes he gets into trouble, but for the most part, he’s a good little boy!  If we could just get this potty training thing down.  Beginning November 1st, we are going to really start attacking that so he can start preschool!  I know he would love it actually, if he could just get the potty thing down.

Joe and I are doing good.  Busy with the kids’ schedules, but we make it work!  It’s good to have such a great partner to help out when he’s needed! 

Stay tuned for pictures of Halloween costumes!  They will be CUTE!!!! 

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