Sunday, February 20, 2011


In just a little over three weeks, I will be landing in Sophia Bulgaria!  I am pretty sure if you’d have told me two months ago that I would be doing this, I would have told you you were crazy!  HOWEVER, all the stars were in alignment!  Typically I would not have been able to find someone to watch the kids.  That is taken care of.  And in our house with three different schools and 4 different schedules, that is a feat in and of itself!  Luckily the kids are on spring break the first days I am gone and we have a great sitter who is coming to stay with the kids! 

I am so excited about this opportunity!  Being able to interact with people who have CHOSEN to keep their children with Down syndrome in a country where doctors still advise new parents to sign the paperwork and forget they were born.   We’ll have the opportunity to talk to those doctors.  Put the ideas in their head that maybe, quite possibly, absolutely this is not the right decision for their patients.  That in fact, children with Down syndrome and other special needs actually ADD to a family rather than take away from it! 

I will have a chance to talk about getting Josie’s diagnosis of Down syndrome.  I will get to talk about how we grieved the child we thought we were having and how we came to love her even more; diagnosis and all!  Then I will be able to tell them that we love her so much and her DS that we CHOSE to adopt another child JUST LIKE HER!!  If I can change one person’s mind, just one, the entire trip will have been worth it! 

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