Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I WISH I was Superwoman!!!

But alas, I am not.  Our days are full, typically, and I like it that way.  I thrive on having something to do even if it’s something small like looking for office desks on the internet. 

Recently, I have had several people ask me how I do it! What??  How do I raise 4 kids? How do I work part-time, volunteer, get laundry done, cook meals, keep up with 6 schedules, clean the house, go on vacation, keep my sanity?  Hmmm…  well the easy answer to that is that “this is our normal” I don’t know any different.  I do what I have to do!  Sometimes I get frustrated and lose my temper.  Sometimes I sit down in the evening with a “Parrot Bay and Diet” and try to forget the very trying, very busy day we’ve had.  I am human, I need a break all the time sometimes!  There are times when I sit and look at my family and wonder “How did I get to be responsible enough to be in charge of these kids?  Who thought THAT would be a good idea? “  LOL

So, if I don’t blog for a week, or I don’t answer your email the second you send it, please understand, I am just doing what I do!  I promise I am not ignoring you, I am just living my life, playing taxi, cooking dinner, doing laundry, cleaning or one of the many hundred other things I do during the day!  I don’t have my hands full, I have my heart full and I wouldn’t trade my “normal” for anything!!

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