Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Trip to Bulgaria

Well, I know that I have been absent for awhile, and I really have no excuse except for the fact that life with 4 kids aged 6-3 1/2 is hectic at best. I have been busy with my work with Reece’s Rainbow, helping couples adopt from Ukraine. I am also still involved with our local Down syndrome group and am running for President of our group beginning in April.

What I am posting about today though is a different kind of opportunity that I have been presented with. I have the opportunity to go to Bulgaria for 4 days. I know, a quick trip, but it’s the opportunity to speak with parents of children with Down syndrome who have chosen to keep their children is HUGE when you are talking about an Eastern European Country! The goal is to eventually run Reece’s Rainbow out of a job! Wouldn’t that be wonderful if keeping your child with Down syndrome was the rule rather than the exception?

I am so pumped about this trip because I will get to talk to parents about finding out about Josie’s diagnosis and how we felt and how we dealt with that!

This trip is coming up fast… Leaving March 16th and Returning March 21st. That doesn’t leave me much time to come up with the $1,000 for my airline ticket! As you will see there is a Chip-In to the right of my blog! If you so feel led you can donate towards my airline ticket. Every single penny raised will be used to pay for my ticket! I will keep you updated on the progress of our trip.

If you would rather, I have a Tastefully Simple party going now as well. I have listed Josie as the hostess and you can order from this link www.tastefullysimple.com/web./bvannice If you go here and would like to order, 30% of your order total would go towards my trip! Be sure if you order that you select Josie as the hostess because at the end of this party, I will be drawing one lucky person to be the hostess and receive the hostess credits!

I thank you for your support! I truly do!!!

I will be back tomorrow to post pictures and fill you in on my last child’s FIRST DAY OF PRESCHOOL!!! Yes, Owen started Preschool today.. It was an EPIC day at our house and I will fill you in tomorrow complete with pictures!!

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hope for Stellan said...

Hi I am Angie from Utah. My husband isn't on board with adopting so I am excited to get involved with Connecting the rainbow. I am planning to go in March as well. I have a biological daughter with Down syndrome she is 6 and I have a foster son with Down syndrome and autism. He is 16. Where are you from?