Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Our Company!!!

At the end of June (yes I am really up to date on my blogging), we had some awesome company at our house!!!  Lyndi Shupp came up for a visit and to assist with our garage sale fundraiser!  She and 4 of her kids make the 12 hour drive up here to have almost a week of visiting!  We had a blast!!!! 
Also during that time, Linda Karas and her family stopped here on their way to Michigan on vacation!  Oh what a joy it was to finally meet Linda in person!!  She is my true ALMO (that is LMAO for those of us with a little OCD and need things to be in order!!)
Also on that same night, Amy Flege and Mayson came up for a visit and dinner!  A great time was had by all!! Here are some pictures of our time together!!
The kiddos
The Kiddo’s with a little something extra!!  5 of them!!
The mamas
The mama’s –acting like the kids!!!
The crew
There were 17 people at our house for dinner.. 15 of those stayed overnight!!  It was so much fun!  Here is the crew.. minus the dads, Ted and Joe and of course Jake.. he was wiped out and overstimulated!
Patrick – he’s so darned cute!!
Chase.. LOVE HIM!!!!!!
Linda enjoying her first EVER Dilly Bar!!!
Lyndi .. enjoying her Dilly Bar too though it wasn’t her first one!! 
Patrick and Josie.. Oh the LOVE!!!
Just some of the kiddo’s!
Amy – you are a nutball!!!
Me and Linda!!!  BFF’s and ALMO’s!!!
The three of us!!  Oh the fun!!!
Linda and Jake.. it was just  a second later that he was pulling her hair!!  LOL
Owen and Kami – Friends forever! 
I can’t wait til the next time!!!!!!!!

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Amy Flege said...

minus that horrible picture of me, those are great pictures!!! we had such fun time with you all!!!