Saturday, July 23, 2011


We are still continuing to fundraise though the initial funds to commit have already been received. I have reflected this on the side bar. Please email me at if you would like to donate to our adoption and I will give you our address or our paypal address. I will be posting other ways we are going to be raising money here very soon!!! There will be some giveaways coming where one or two or three lucky people will have their name drawn if they make a donation to our adoption.

Stay tuned to see what the details for that entail!! I am hoping to be blogging much more often now. Tomorrow.. an update on our family and how the kids are doing!! We're having a pool day tomorrow as well so hopefully I will have some good pictures to post!!!

P.S.. As you can see.. everyone will be able to see our progress on the side bar. When we have another fundraiser, we will post another chip-in!!!

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