Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Because only through God could what I am about to tell you have happened.

Last week when Joe and I decided to commit to this other little boy... we decided that we'd officially commit to him and add the other little one as soon as he becomes available! We made the decision on Tuesday night to commit to him..... Wednesday night after work and a couple phone calls, I realized how quickly we needed to do this committment. Not only was his file going back to the government in a few weeks, but he is in danger of being transferred and without a committment, that would surely happen!

It kicked our fundraising into high gear. We had raised a little bit -- $500 between a garage sale and a couple other things, but we had so much further to go to get this done quickly!!

I put it out there and asked people. Very quickly we raised over $1,000.. we were 25% there and I was happy but we still had a long way to go and not much time to do it in.

Then on Friday night I received an email from a friend -- who shall remain nameless-- whose husband was out of town, but they wanted to help us. She would talk to him when he got home and she'd be back in touch with me. On Sunday afternoon, appeared in our paypal account $500 from this friend. I messaged her immediately to express our thanks! What an amazing gift!! We were so Thank ful... The response I got from her... "Just keep watching". It was followed by an email about 1/2 hour later that said her husband was home and they had decided to make a donation to our adoption for $5,000 !! Yes, you read that right ----- $5,000 !!!!!!!!!!!!

I couldn't even believe it. I had no words. The tears flowed.... I was pointing to the screen and couldn't say a word when Joe thought I was losing it! LOL I kept pointing and he came and read it and had pretty much the same reaction. There was our answer... There was our "Yes my children.. this is what I want you to do!" It was like God was reading that email in my head! Both Joe and I said at the same time...."It's like this weight had been lifted off our shoulders"

God does provide when you need it ... if you believe that he will. If He leads you to it....He leads you through it!!! Thank you to my friend .. you know who you are and I appreciate you so much! You are doing Gods work! I promise you are!!!

PRAISE GOD!! We will be able to share our little guy's picture and information TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!


Erika Rogers said...

Soooo incredibly happy for you. Can't wait to see the pictures!

summer said...

Oh My!!!!! That is HUGE!!!! WOW!!! Please send your friend to our blog ASAP - LOL!!!! Congrats for having such an amazing friend!!!!!! You are very BLESSED!!!!!

MamaPoRuski said...

Slava Bogu! I love to watch God work out the details! He never fails, he is always on time!

gillian said...

What a blessing and an awesome confirmation from God. Yea!

Rochelle said...

Wow. :)