Thursday, July 21, 2011

Here HE IS!!!!

Well this is Landon... he is going to be our son! His name on RR is Landon but we are not sure we are going to keep that name!! Isn't he a cutie??? We don't have a picture of the other little one yet.. after he is registered for adoption we can get a photo! Can't wait to get him in the mix!!!!!


Our Adoption Journey to Bulgaria said...

Congratulations! He's is a handsome little guy!

Just curious how you found your other little guy if he isn't registered yet?

I know it's easier to adopt two from the same orphanage and was wondering if the second child could be matched at a later date and how they determine who is eligible for that type of match?

Amber said...

I'm so happy that Landon will be joining your family. I inquired about him and asked for the additional pictures to show my husband, and got an email right away from Shelley that he had been matched with a family that morning! I had asked God for clarity, and he delivered! He made it very clear to me that there is another little one waiting for me, and that you are Landon's mommy!

amberlowmiddleton at gmail dot com