Monday, September 5, 2011


So, as you know we have been having a giveaway of a Kindle, An Olympus Camera, a Tastefully Simple Gift Basket, and a Preschool CD set.  Well it didn't go nearly as well as planned.  I have contacted the 6 people that donated on our chip-in and have gotten the OK from 5 of them and am waiting on the 6th one, but since I know her personally, I know what her answer will be.  We are stopping the giveaway for right now.  We will start it back up sometime in October and the people that have donated will still be put in the drawing for the amount of $$ they donated. 

We raised just under $250 and had we had to purchase the Kindle, that would have barely covered that cost.  So I just didn't feel right drawing for 4 gifts between 6 people.  I am hoping that the next go around, we might be able to add some stuff to "sweeten" the pot or something, but I have FAITH that it will go much better next time! 

Please pray that it does!  Thank you all who have assisted us thus far!  You have no idea how much we appreciate it! 

We are having a Tastefully Simple Mystery Hostess Party now through September 25th and if you want to read the details, please see my FB page OR email me/comment on this post and I will get you the information!!

God Bless

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