Sunday, September 4, 2011

Did you know??

I get this question quite often actually…… Did you know that will make 6 kids??  It makes me chuckle because I am quite sure we have done the math.  The second most popular question when I tell people about our adoption is……You know that will be 4 kids with Down syndrome?  Yep, again, I’ve done the math! 

Doesn’t that scare you?? Well, if it didn’t scare us a little bit, I think we’d be questioning it more.  Of course, it makes us think..”What in the world is God thinking?”, but then we realize it’s not our question to ask, but rather to follow HIS call and what plan He has for us!

Where are you going to put them?  Um…. they are not a herd of cattle…they are two more boys.. We’ve thought about all our options where this is concerned.  We have several ideas in mind.  First though we are going to get them home and assess their needs and go from there.  We are not moving, have no intentions of moving to a bigger house.  This one will do just fine with a few minor adjustments if they are needed.

Trust me , we have thought about everything that comes along with adding two more to our family… how it will affect the kids, how we will go anywhere, how we will afford everything, how much we will be paying in daycare etc,  etc , etc.!!!

It all boils down to the fact that we are excited…super excited to get on with the process and bring the boys home!  For those people that think we are crazy.. we realize this… Tell us something we don’t know..!! LOL 

You know, in life everyone makes decisions that not everyone agrees with… it’s not for anyone to judge our decision.  I am not asking for everyone’s blessing, because when it comes time to answer to someone, it certainly won’t be my peers.  We are going down the path that God has carved for us and that is who I will answer to someday.  I do ask for your support, as much as you can give us!  Prayers, prayers and more prayers that our process goes smoothly.  If you are so led to support us financially, then we certainly appreciate that as well…  Bringing Landon and Baby I home will be much more difficult if we don’t have your support… however that may be given!

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