Monday, October 24, 2011

Adoption Fundraiser/Giveaway!!!



See this cute little face???   I look at it every day and can’t wait to bring him home to his forever family.  Don’t you just want to snuggle him???  I certainly do!!!!   I am hoping to have pictures of the other little guy in the near future, however for now, we’ll have to just show you Landon!  He and his brother want to come home… CAN YOU HELP US???  HERE IS  HOW …. (see below)

1064_Vladimir 13


How would you like to win a……….

Kindle 3G, Free 3G + Wi-Fi, 3G Works Globally, Graphite, 6" Display with New E Ink Pearl Technology….. (THANK YOU to our DEAR Friends Leann and Chris for this gift…We love you)


OR AN OLYMPUS CE-PL1 Digital Camera…. (Thank you to my Mom and Dad for this awesome camera – also comes with LOTS of extras)


OR A DON’T DIS MY ABILITY SHIRT (Thank you Amy Flege for this AWESOME SHIRT!)  The Kiddo’s look so darned cute in these!!!






OR A JUMP START ADVANCED PRESCHOOL 4CD SET FOR THE PC???? (Thank you to a very dear friend who shall remain nameless!! You know who you are!! Love you)


Well you can win one of these wonderful items. One of our lucky donors to our adoption, will have the opportunity to have their name thrown into a hat to received these fabulous things.

You name will be put in the hat as follows:

$10 – 1 slip in the hat

$20 – 3 slips in the hat

$50 – 10 slips in the hat

$75 – 20 slips in the hat

$100 – 30 slips in the hat

You can contribute one of several ways!!

1. You can contribute to the Chip-In on our side bar… THIS IS NOT Tax Deductible and will go directly into our Paypal account and will be used for our next step in our adoption process which will be when we submit our dossier.

2. You may donate directly to our FSP (Family Sponsorship Account) through Reece’s Rainbow. You may do that at this link or click on Landon’s Reece’s Rainbow Picture link to the right….under the chip in.

3. You may do a cash or check donation directly to us and if you leave a comment with your email address, I can email you our address for those donations.

All donations must be received between now and November 30th. On December 1st, we will pick the names from the hat for the winners. All slips of names will be put into the same hat to select winners. So you could win one of these wonderful prizes or more than one…depending on your donation!

The other way you can get more names in our hat is IF YOU DONATE AND then share this on your blog, on your FB page or via email. You will receive one additional slip for each way you share this. Please leave a comment if you blog about it.. include me in the email if you email it ( or tag me if you post it on Facebook so I can be sure to get your slips in the hat!!!


FYI….. Those that previously donated to our adoption when we had this going the last time, your names will be added into the drawing as well.  I have this information and won’t forget you!!!  I PROMISE!!!!

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