Sunday, October 30, 2011

Busy Busy Busy…..

It seems as though the older the kids get, the busier we get in our house!  I know that’s the way it is, but it seems just CRAZY this past month!  We’ve had…..  8 dr. appointments, 1 surgery, 8 hockey practices, 3 school fundraisers, 2 birthdays, 4 costume decisions, 3 conferences, 1 book fair, 9 days of work, 5 flu bugs, 6 colds and coughs, 1 Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk/Dance, 1 5k,  2 registrations for cheerleading, 1 child’s school pictures, 2 kids picture order forms,  probably 20 trips to Cedar Falls/Waterloo, 1 preschool snack day, 2 anniversaries.  I think that’s about it, but I can’t be sure.  Sometimes it just starts to all run together!

One of these days I will post a week in the life with 4 kids 7 and under!  Right now, I am too tired from our weekend!  LOL

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