Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I don’t think I have ever been daunted by a number before.  But the number 85 is etched in my brain right now.  This adoption has been difficult so far..to some extent.  We have found out that we will have to do two back to back adoptions to bring both our boys home.  The little one has just been registered with the government and the earliest we’d be able to submit paperwork for him would be April or May.  So we have decided to proceed, as quickly as possible with Landon and then see where we are at with his adoption when the little guys becomes available.

So why does 85 stick in my mind so much???  Because every time I go to our FSP on Reece’s Rainbow, the amount is $85.00 and has been for months!  I just keep hoping that when I visit there, it might change… even if only by $5.00, but it doesn’t!  I have wanted to send $10.00 so I wouldn’t have to see that number any more, but I can’t.  I am not allowed to contribute to my own FSP, which I get.  So there it sits… at $85.00.

I keep hoping that someone will read our blog or see our fundraiser and spread the word and we will start getting more donations, but right now that hasn’t happened. 

What God leads you to, He leads you through, right?  I have faith that the funds will come..I am inpatient, I know that..and it’s not about my time, but about God’s timing.  Sometimes I wish though he would clue me in just a little bit about His greater plan.   Maybe this is His way of teaching me patience?  Hopefully I can take a breath and relax about the funds, but it’s hard when I know where we need to be.  I do have Faith that we will get there… Through Him.  Until then… I am still TIRED OF 85!  LOL

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