Monday, January 2, 2012

New Look… again…..


I have gotten comments on that the blog before was too bright… mostly from my husband!  LOL  So we have made a change… As you can see, there is also new link tabs at the top.  Let me explain what that new blog is all about.

My friend Bethany challenged me to create a new blog and post a picture about my life every day in 2012.  Since this year will be full of changes for our family, I was very anxious to do this.  It will help me document our lives this year and the fun to come.  It will also allow me to use my new camera and document my progress on my photography!  So there you go… you can visit my 365 blog every day for a new picture about our lives. 

Stay tuned… we just returned from a vacation in Tennessee for a few days and I will be putting up photos later today of our great time with the Shupp family!!!

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