Monday, January 2, 2012

I <3 Tennessee……

There are things that I like about Tennessee…. let me tell you what they are…

1:: I like that their winters are soo mild… I mean almost 60 on New Years Eve is amazing when typically it’s so cold in Iowa.

2:: I like that there is so much to do and so many things to see.

3:: I like that it’s closer to some things that we love….family and friends.

4:: I like a place called the “Slick Pig” that has the most AMAZING BBQ known to man!

5:: One of my nearest and dearest friends and her family live there!

Lyndi Shupp invited us into her home for 5 days!  We had such a great time with her, Bill and the kids.  We stayed for New Year’s Eve and had a great time – Thanks Jordan for sitting for all the kids for us!!

Here are some pictures of our time in Tennessee…….


This sign is on the side of Joe’s Crab Shack in Nashville…..Figure it’s appropriate!


I am sure it would be too much to ask for all four to look at the same time right?


Even better with looking… At least one of my kids will look at me! 


Someday when we go back to visit… Lyndi and I are going to go line dancing at Cadillac Ranch!


Oh if the kids hadn’t been with us… and if there wasn’t a line from here to kindom come to get in!!


Joe and Owen went to an NHL game on Wednesday night….Nashville Predators and the Minnesota Wild…Predators won in a shootout. They LOVED it… Here is the arena!!



The kids thought this big guitar was cool at the Hard Rock!


Some wonderful Mississippi State fan offered to take our family picture.  (Mississippi State and Wake Forest were playing in the Music City Bowl the next day!)


BB Kings… We walked by it several times, but it was closed for a private party!


So wanted to go down there and see it… 4 kids and a stroller.. I don’t think so!!


Another cool place we passed on our walk!!


Late lunch at Dick’s Last Resort.. Waiters are less than friendly and that is the fun of it… Our waitress was EXACTLY the right mix of sarcastic and HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!


Sweet Camie!!  I love that girl!!!


Jessie was LESS than impressed with our lunch choice.. What set her off is that the waitress forgot her Sprite for about 10 minutes and there was no bringing her back!  She’s a tough cookie!!!


Patrick was enjoying himself!  He is such a sweetie….. We have the wedding for him and Josie already planned!  LOL


Kylie with her awesome smile!!!


There’s Katie.. enjoying her new hat!!!



Joe.. the cool kid!!!


Josie was so excited to get her hat!  She even helped our waitress sweep after we were done eating!  Wish she would do that at home!!


GIVE ME MY FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jordan was such a good sport!  He enjoyed his hat too! It said..”I am the reason for the hard socks in the laundry!”  Too funny!!!


Lyndi’s hat because of the 6 kids that were with her… Easier to get into than a Community College!  LOL  Hilarious!!

002Owen THOROUGHLY enjoyed his BBQ at Slick Pig….He had in these specific layers… bun, pork, bbq sauce, corn flapjack, beans, pork, corn flapjack, pork, bbq sauce, top of bun.. he ate the WHOLE thing and loved it!


Our crew at the Slick Pig.


More Slick Pig!


Guy F should come here because this qualifies as a DIVE for sure, but sooo good BBQ!!!!  Too bad they were out of Chess Pie… really wanted to taste it!


Josie and her BESTIE in TN… Jasmine.. she came over to visit and her and Josie picked up right where they left off last time!!!!



Awwww..time to say goodnight!!!  Josie cried when I put her to bed.. so did I and so did Jasmine!!!!



Josie playing on Patrick’s Taco Swing.  Based on how much my kids played on this, we might have to get one for our house.



On the way home, we took a detour and took a drive by the Arch in St Louis!  Too cool!!!


We had a great time in Tennessee.. now we are home again…..and school is starting tomorrow and we are back to reality.  Thank you Shupp family for having us in your home!  We Love you!!!!

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Lyndi said...

We had a BLAST with the Van Nice crew too! We cant wait to see you ALL again! I love how when we get together, it is so layed back and all our kids get along, even the hubbies....Jordan even got some play time in with Joe and had fun doing that! We will be coming up to Iowa SOON, so keep the basement WARM!!!!!!