Thursday, January 5, 2012

Poor Katie… LOL

So yesterday, I went to pick the girls up at the After School Program at the YMCA.  Katie and Josie spot me when I arrive and run to me for hugs. (I LOVE that part of the day—It won’t last forever for sure)  I notice right off that Katie isn’t wearing what I sent her to school in.  I sent her in black sparkly pants and she now has on gray sweat pants. Which she detested, I am sure, looked pretty good on her!  I didn’t ask until we were out of the room why she had on different pants because I was sure the answer was going to be “I had an accident” and I didn’t want to embarrass her in front of all her friends.

The answer I got was HILARIOUS and I laughed hysterically on the inside tried to support her and not laugh. 

“Mommy – I bent over in class and my pants ripped… RIGHT..UP…THE…REAR!!  I was so embarrassed!”  I let it slip .. a little giggle..and I caught myself…she wasn’t laughing yet.  What a bad mom… Then the hall filled with the most hysterical giggle from Katie, me and Josie.  She said at first she turned red, but then laughed and laughed about it. 

Not sure if there was a hole there and it just ripped or what, but I KNOW they were not that tight when she got dressed in the morning.  It must have been those sweet potato fries she had for lunch!  I am still chuckling about it!! 


Lyndi said...

Oh no, I KNOW she was embarrased, but HOW FUNNY!!!!

Denise Davis said...

I just love the little girl you are adopting :O) She is precious:O)))) Congrats and the photos of your family priceless.I just love them all :O)))