Tuesday, February 28, 2012

USCIS Update


Officer L called today!  She was missing one piece of information from Joe.  I was sad, but we got it done and sent it priority mail today (there was no way it could get there tomorrow) and it will be there on Thursday and she said after she gets that she can get it done.  Now I remember that we had to do this last time too, so it’s no big shock, but I had completely forgotten about it. 

So, it’s on it’s way.. should be delivered on Thursday.. I will call her and make sure she has gotten it Thursday afternoon and hoping that she sends out our approval on Friday so I have time to get everything done in time to get our stuff together before March 13th. 

It’s coming together.. we WILL BE READY… WE WILL BE READY.. WE WILL BE READY!!  If I say it enough….. it will be so!!!

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