Friday, March 2, 2012

Bulgaria Mission Trip

I have been so blessed to be a part of a new venture. More details to come on the specifics later, but for now, I will tell you that I am leaving in 10 days to go to Bulgaria. We, as in Shelley Bedford and Angela Proctor are heading over to do some training in orphanages, help the group there get ready for the DS Conference scheduled for March 24th and meeting with the parent group.  We are super excited about the trip, but it's crept up on us.  So here's what we need---------

We are in need donations to fill the bags for the children with Down syndrome in Bulgaria. We leave in 10 days. We are trying to make 200 bags for the DS Conference and 30 bags to give out at the orphanages that we are visiting. We need supplies to make "parent made" educational activities, crib toys and other items to fill the bags. If you are interested in helping, please let me know. Our goal is to teach the parents how to make things themselves so that they can work with their children at home to prepare them for school. Here are some ideas of things that we need if you would like to help by purchasing any of these things, please let me know.  There is also a chip in at the end of this post as well as a link to the right... Bulgarian Mission Trip that you can donate $$ which will be used to translate materials for the people there to use as well as printing information for them as well!  We will also be purchasing anything we can for the bags there as not to be checking 12 bags each!  LOL

Here are the kinds of things we need:

• Foam self-adhesive shapes:
• Beading supplies- small beads, lacing strings:
• Self-adhesive dot magnets:
• Mini clothes pins:
• Bright colored clothes pins:
• Self-adhesive jewels:
• Counting Cubes:
• Slice It Food Set:
• Hundreds Boards:
• Basic Math work books:
• Bingo Chips:
• Colored wooden craft sticks:
• Pom Poms:
• White Velcro dots:

Other items:

• Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes:
• Lots o Links:
• Crib and Floor Mirror:
• Go Go Bugs:
• Wrist Rattles:

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Nikki said...

Wow, have a great time!

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