Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Written Referral!!!!


We have gotten our written referral!!!!  I will be leaving on June 15th to spend two weeks meeting our new children!!  So exciting!  There’s a lot to get done here at home before I leave.  So much to do in just three short weeks while enjoying our summer vacation which started today!  The kids have some high expectations for fun and adventure this summer.  Hopefully I can deliver at least some of that!  I also want to get a jump not only on the $1,500 we have left to raise before I travel in June, but also the remainder of the funds we need to bring the kids home!

We have several fundraisers going on right now!!  If you feel led, please help us bring our kids home.  Landon and Evelyn Thank you!!!!!

There are two Scentsy Fundraisers going on right now..

One is HERE – Gina Snow and Shelly Ray are sponsoring this fundraiser until May 31st…  Shelly and her husband Barry will be matching the commission donated by Gina Snow.  Be sure to select Shelly Ray on-line party and order away!!!!!!  Thank you Gina and Shelly!! 

The other one is HERE – My friend Christie Taylor is offering her commission for the entire month of May!!  We are already almost at $150 donation for our adoption!!!  AWESOME!!! 

The Tastefully Simple Mystery Hostess Party is also still going until the May 31st.  You can find that link HERE!!  Be sure to select Josie Van Nice as the hostess to get in on the Mystery Hostess Party.  If you place an order, your name will be put in to be drawn to win the hostess credits!! 

We also still have our DOWN SYNDROME bags for sale.  I have about 80 of these left.  They are $10 each (includes shipping) and here is a couple pictures of the bags.  You can donate to the Chip-In on the side labeled Grocery Bags!


These are very large bags!!!!!!


Josie says “Please help me bring my brother and sister home”

There is also a Chip-In to the right for our general adoption fund… this is NOT tax deductible and comes directly to our paypal account..if you would rather make a donation directly to us.

We also have a Family Sponsorship Account with Reece’s Rainbow and you can find that HERE!!!  (also found to the right under Landon’s Picture) This is a tax deductible donation directly to our FSP! 

We will have a couple more fundraisers coming up!!!  I will be listing some things on our local for sale groups and on ebay!!  Stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah! They will be here before you know it! Praying for your process!