Sunday, June 3, 2012

Happy “Gotcha Day” Jake!!

Three years ago today we sprung Jacob from the orphanage in Ukraine.  It was a long day of running and signing papers and sitting in the van.  After we went to apply for his passport, we made the 5 hour drive back to Kyiv to wait for all our paperwork.  It was the start of our new life together. 

Here he was on "Gotcha Day”!


He was so teeny!!!  12 pounds and almost 2 years old.  This outfit was size 6m and it was too big for him!!  The shoes I brought him were so big that he couldn’t even keep them on! (Yes I got in trouble for not putting enough clothes on him in JUNE!)


Yulia was our facilitator and we just LOVED her!!  She was awesome!!!


Breaking FREE.. once and for all!!!!


This was the director at Jake’s orphanage.  I think she really cared about the kids… mostly they were well taken care of, but it’s an orphanage… I mean what else can you say!  She was very sweet to us while we were there!

Here is Jake today!! He’s grown so much… almost 30 lbs now and probably twice as long as he was when we brought him home.  He is starting to walk now at almost 5 years old!  He fits right in to our family!!  What a big boy!!!!


I am so grown up!!!!!!


My big walker!!!! 


Look at that smile…and those eyes!!!

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