Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Evelyn–Trip 1, Visits 3, 4 & 5

I am sorry I didn’t blog yesterday… I went out exploring the city (photo’s on my blog post tonight).  Then Phillip and I had great pizza for dinner. 

So here is a recap and a couple of photos from my visit with her yesterday and this morning.  Our visits are kind of like groundhogs day really.  We are in the same small room with the same toys each time.  She does good for about an hour and a half then she gets anxious to go back to her group.  We have been staying about 1 1/2 hours in the morning. I don’t want to push her to much.  She is hesitant to warm up to me too much though when we are together she wants to sit on my lap at times when she’s not perusing a book.  She’s not super active and is content for the most part to sit and look at a book or throw things on the floor!  LOL 

She definitely prefers her caregivers to me.  They must all be familiar to her because it’s someone different every day that brings her to us.  We have not been allowed to go up to her groupa and other than the first day, we haven’t seen any other children at all.  They run a very tight ship at this orphanage.  It’s ok with me… it seems the kids are safe. 

We play with the same books every day which I know she’d like me to read to her, but since they are in Bulgarian, I make up words to go with the pictures and she seems content with that.  I swear that this morning she said OK to me…..(Phillip heard it too) as I put her down to get something.  Probably a fluke, but not positive.  I have told her in English to do certain things and she’s done them about 1/2 of the time.  Like help mommy clean up… do you want to go?…… do you want to sit on my lap??… I asked her if she spoke English and she said “nay”.  It was too cute. 

On this mornings visit we took her to get her Visa/Passport pictures taken.  It was funny because I thought the whole way there in the car, I didn’t bring candy to bribe her like we had to with Landon.  Turns out, she didn’t need it.  The woman took two pictures and the first one she turned away just as the flash went off.. the second one was perfect.  That was that.  Phillip had actually walked back to the car to get something he forgot and in that short time the pictures were done.  They printed them out right then and that was that!  We went back to the orphanage and played for about 1/2 hour and our visit was over.  I have 4 more visits with her.  This afternoon, two tomorrow and then Friday morning will be my last visit as we will be driving back to Sofia in the afternoon. 

Here are some pictures of her from yesterday and today… yes she is in the same outfit.. yellow yesterday a.m. and green yesterday afternoon and this morning.. same exact outfit, just different colors.  LOL

There is also one with her shirt off.  Past days, she’s had a onesie on under her shirt and shorts so I didn’t want to take it off, but today she just had an undershirt.  You can see how skinny she is.  We’ll take care of that when we get home.  Anyone know anything about the indention on her chest??  Indication of anything???  I don’t know for sure.  I didn’t get a picture of her back, but her spine sticks out of her skin too.. not open, but you can see her entire spine with her shirt off. Sad smile


Evelyn and Phillip in the background!  She’s coloring…. this is just before she bit off a big bite of green crayon!!


Playing with my music toy!!!


They put a bow in her hair in the afternoon yesterday!  So cute!


Hey.. get that camera out of my face.. don’t you have enough pictures??


Her TINY foot.. I am guessing a size 3 or 4 infants will fit her fine.  She’ll be 4 in August.


Look at that beautiful profile picture!  Stunning!!!


This is as much of a smile as we’ve gotten so far.  I will take it!!!


She’s so skinny!!  Goodness!!!


You can see all her ribs.  They say she just has trouble gaining weight just like Jacob does.  We’ll be getting Thyroid tests and Cardio appointments the minute we get home.


Here is a better look at that indention on her chest.  Any ideas?  Or are just some kids like this???  When she breaths that part goes in even further!!!!! But leaves me with …..why????


Linda said...

Brigitte, she's beautiful! Her chest looks similar to a few on mine, which may or may not mean something. Does she have asthma? One of mine that has asthma has a chest similar and the other child has a genetic bone syndrome (your daughter doesn't have that). Not a hig issue, but one you can check out when she gets home. Enjoy her! Both your new ones are just precious! Linda RR/Dream Bulgaria

happymama said...

Hi Brigitte, you are getting beautiful children! It looks like your daughter might have mild pectus excavatum. That's where the chest caves inward. If it's not severe they usually just leave it alone, and it causes no problems at all. For some unknown reason, kids with it are more prone to asthma, but that doesn't mean she'll have it. It is not unusual for the child to also have scoliosis (curvature of the spine) along with pectus. Again, if it's mild they leave it alone. It would not hamper her physical functioning at all. I'll bet she'll plump up once she's able to get better nutrition and good exercise. She's adorable!

AndeMski said...

I think it has to do with a bone. I think a bone in there didn't grow correctly, or may be completely missing, but apparently we can live without it. SHE IS GORGEOUS. GET A GUN 'CAUSE THE BOYS ARE GONNA SNAP HER UP. no, but seriously, ya'll!

Melissa said...

I've only seen an indentation in a chest like that with Pierre Robin and her facial structure is not indicative of that. Listen to see if she is wheezy or becomes winded with exercise.

eliz said...

My chest was like that and 2 of my 4 birth kids. It was called "funnel chest" when I was little. It was considered worrisome only if it appeared not to grow with the body- as it could crush a lung. Mine was fine, as were my kids. Just ask your Dr. :o)
(((HUGS))) and thank you for taking our PPR over!