Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Visits 3, 4, 5 & 6 All In One

Tuesday morning we went for our visit with Landon.  He was less that excited that I was there and didn’t want to come to have his visit with me.  At first I was upset… then I learned that the music lady was there with her accordion and he was so excited she was there, he didn’t want to leave.  I get that.. who wouldn’t LOVE that!  So Dani and I sat in on their music session.  He absolutely loves the accordion and he was pretending after the music session that he was playing an accordion with this toy!!!


After we got done playing inside we went outside … we saw the psychologist and she suggested we take Landon to get his picture taken for the passport and visa.  We walked down the street with him and he did great.  Held hands with me and the psychologist and was the sweetest little guy.  We did have to bribe him with a piece of candy to sit for his picture, but it turned out good.  After photos were done, we walked a bit further to a park for him to play.  He played in the sand for probably 1/2 hour and then we walked back to the orphanage.  He did wonderfully. 

Second visit yesterday was pretty uneventful.  It was about an hour and he spent most of that time playing with his team of friends outside.  I don’t want to push him to HAVE to spend time with me so I just observe.  Occasionally I will go over to him and ask him if he wants to walk or wants a hug.  It’s about 50/50 whether he does or not.  I can’t force him to want to hang out with me when there is a bunch of kids that want to play.  He always comes with me for a few minutes here and there so I can take that. 

First visit today… He came running to me and jumped in my arms.  I went to kiss him on the cheek and was told absolutely not.  His hair was wet and I could smell something on him.  Apparently they had treated all the kids for Lice…. I don’t think anyone had/has it, but from what I understood they treat every so often so no one gets it?  Anyway they didn’t want me kissing on him right away.  So I didn’t… I would kiss his hand when he held it out to me. 

There was a new caretaker there today who I hadn’t seen before.  She was a grandma type and super nice.  She has purple hair… see….


She said she sometimes takes the 4 boys (Landon and 3 others) to a restaurant up the street where they serve traditional Bulgarian Breakfast and she wanted us to go with her.  Pretty soon we were at the gate and all 4 boys were holding hands ready to go.  They did wonderfully.  We went and the boys shared a pastry with cheese in it and I had a Coke Light.  We got the boys a second one to share and some Banana Juice (yes, banana… never seen that before!!).  They were so good… so polite and so well behaved.

Upon returning to the orphanage we sat for a couple minutes then the psychologist came out and asked if we all wanted to go for another walk.  We went with the same 4 boys to a park up the street.  The boys played for awhile and also watched two men insulating a neighboring apartment.  It was cute.  Then she said it was time to go and back to the orphanage we went.  Landon does great except when it’s time to go back into the gates of the orphanage….. he drops to his butt and doesn’t want to go back in.  I end up carrying him in every time….then he’s fine. 

Second visit today was pretty uneventful.  He spent most of the hour playing outside with his friends while I talked to the caregiver about his sleep habits etc.  Then about 15 minutes before they went inside and it was time for us to leave, he came and snuggled me for a little while. 

Overall we’ve spent great time together!  I couldn’t ask for a better time.  I wanted to show you his eyes and his Brushfield spots.   Super stars in his eyes!!!!!

Landons Eyes


Michelle said...

Wow! His eyes really are beautiful!!

See you soon!!! Can't wait!

my family said...

oh I watched that handsome boy for a while on RR, so happy he is going home, congrats on both of your children they are precious

Gillian Marchenko said...

So great! What a handsome man.