Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy 6th Birthday Landon!!

Today is Landon’s birthday!  He turns 6 years old today.  This day he has always spent in the orphanage…..but it’s his LAST birthday behind those walls.  I am so sad that I can’t be there with him to let him enjoy some cake and ice cream and give him presents to open.  I love that boy.  I miss him like crazy and it breaks my heart that he is spending this birthday there and not here with the family that will love him forever.

Birthdays with Jacob and now Landon and Evelyn always bring me to a different place than they do with my biological kids.  It gets me thinking about their “other” family… the family who didn’t think they could care for them.. mostly their mothers.  Do they think about them on these days?  Does she remember that 6 years ago she was in a hospital so happy and elated to finally be delivering this baby?  Or has she blocked this from her mind because it didn’t turn out quite as she had hoped?  Did she feel shattered at the thought that her little one was not “perfect” like she had hoped?  Does she just more than anything want to forget this day ever even existed?  I wonder.

I am glad!  I am glad she chose to give her child life… I am sad that she didn’t think she had the strength to care for her child, but rather she entrusted someone else to care for him until we could come and bring him to our family.  I am happy she did that!  He was meant to be our son from the beginning.. God knew that!  He knew that we would see him and fall in love with that glimmer in his eyes.  He put this into motion more years ago than I can count!  He knew! 

Happy Birthday to my sweet boy!  This year we will celebrate on your 1/2 birthday because by the Grace of God you will be home in our arms by then!  Today we will celebrate your birth here with cake and we’ll sing to you while each of us blows out one candle on your cake!  Knowing that when you are here, you will celebrate a lifetime of birthdays blowing out your own candles surrounded by the love of your ENTIRE family who already love you more than life itself!! 


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Sabrina said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful boy!