Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sorry for the absence!!

So I got home almost a week ago.  My flight from Chicago was delayed so instead of arriving in Des Moines at 6:30 pm, my flight didn’t get in until almost 8 pm, so then we drove home and I got to snuggle the kids for about 15 minutes and we all headed to bed.  I had to work the next morning and the kids had daycare.  Needless to say, jet lag reared it’s ugly head and I was wide awake and starving at 2:30 am.  Nice. 

Worked Monday mostly in a fog really, but got through the day.  We had a nice 4th of July.  Parade in Charles City and then back to Grundy for swimming and fireworks in Reinbeck.  Here are a couple pictures from the parade that morning.


Loving the firetrucks and sirens!!!


On a quick break from candy gathering!  LOL

I have been trying to catch up on housework, though Joe did an excellent job while I was gone… dishes and laundry stayed caught up while I was gone so that was the biggest thing. 

Been to the pool a few days and this weekend is Felix Grundy Celebration here in town.  We’ll be going to the parade this afternoon and to the pool for a few hours before the parade. 

I have been keeping busy….. have to or I get all emotional that two of my children are 1/2 way around the world and I miss the heck out of them.  I will be so happy when they are here with us and our family can start to function with 6 kids.  Many people have asked about ages.. when they come home they will be 8, 7, 6, 5, 5 and 4….  so yes, they are close, but I think that will be great for the new ones to just fit right in the mix and learn from the other ones. 

That’s it for today.  I will be posting more… about our process, our busy life and mostly about our kids… here and in Bulgaria!!

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