Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Question....

....that I am going to answer for you! We have had a lot of inquiries about finances relating to the adoption. Lots of questions about how we are going to raise the money....if we can bring Jacob home before the money is there etc. So I thought I would clear some things up with a blog post.

The cost of the adoption is going to be about $24,000. this includes just about everything, from our home study, to our copies of birth certificates to our travel and accommodations once we are there. I will be staying the entire 5-6 weeks in Eastern Europe. Joe will be joining me for the first 2 1/2 weeks then returning to be with the kids here the rest of the time I am gone. Both Joe and I will be off work without pay during that time, so we also have to figure that into our fundraising as well. Joe works 3rd shift so he doesn't really have the option of returning to work until I am home with Jacob!

We are doing fundraisers until the time we have to travel and possibly after depending on how the money comes in. We are applying for grants and also applying for a loan, but those are very competitive and since we are doing an independent adoption (not through an agency), we don't qualify for a lot of grants. Most places want you to go through an agency in order to qualify for their grants. We are saving money by doing an independent adoption, but we won't qualify for as many grants as we would if we were using an agency.

We are also PRAYING that because we feel this is GOD'S will that HE will provide the means necessary to bring Jacob home!

It is true that we will not be able to bring Jacob home until the money is in place to do so. We won't travel until the money or a very good portion is there! We just can't risk being in country and running out of money. So, the answer to your questions is YES... the money has to be in place before we can bring Jacob home. Most of the funds aren't due until travel (i.e. plane tickets, accommodations, in-country adoption costs) so we need that money to be accessible while we are in country!

I hope this answers your questions! We will be doing another fundraiser here in the very near future for some wonderful items! I am hoping that we can do well with this fundraiser as we did with the gift card in November! My cookbooks are in progress as well so if you have any recipes that you would like to contribute (PLEASE SEND ME ANY THAT YOU WOULD LIKE INCLUDED) please send it!!

Please comment with any other questions that you might have. I love comments and will do my best to answer any other questions that you might have!!


amy flege said...

wow. a cook book! ! how cool. i would love to contribute. what kind of recipes are you still in need of? let me know, ok?

marlene said...

Brigitte, I would love to contribute some recipes, too. I love recipe books and I SO want to buy one that helps bring an orphan home to his forever family!!!!