Friday, April 22, 2011

Jake Has News!!!


Yes, it’s true!!  Jake is going to be a big brother!  NO I am not expecting the “typical” way!  We are starting a journey of another paper pregnancy to a little boy in Bulgaria who happens to have a little something extra!  I met him while I was there and we are feeling the “CALL” to bring him home to our family. 

Yes, I did go with specific instructions from Joe NOT to fall in love with a child because we were DONE.  However something spoke to his heart after we came home….. It was the story of Carrington Burman who recently came home from Ukraine!  She was a very sick little girl!  Go to the link above and read her story and her fight for her life!  Well, this little girl touched Joe’s heart and he sent me a message that we should bring this little guy home so he didn’t end up in the same situation! 

We are just beginning our home study in the next couple weeks and hopefully by the time we are ready to submit out paperwork, he will be ready for adoption and he can come home quickly!  As our process progresses, I will keep you updated.  We will have an FSP through Reece’s Rainbow in a few weeks and I will post the link at that time. 

Unfortunately we do not have a picture of him yet, but we are hoping that we do in a few weeks as well!!  Prayers for a smooth process would be appreciated!!!


liz kulp said...

congratulations :)! the kulps-

gillian said...

Wow! Congrats friend!!

JRS said...

Holy cow! Congratulations to you & your growing family. I can't wait to follow this next journey.