Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

We had an interesting Halloween this year.  Jacob was sooo tired that he cashed out before Trick or Treating even started so he stayed home with Daddy and I took the other three around the neighborhood.  I felt so sad that Jake didn’t come along, but he didn’t care.  He slept through the entire evening! 

So we had a Skeleton Princess --  Optimus Prime – and a Pirate Princess (Jake was supposed to be a Ninja!)  Here are a couple pictures from our night!

















We only went around about 5 blocks and they made a HUGE haul!  We started at 5:30 and were home at 6:30 and passed out candy until 7:30.  I was afraid that they would be up all night from the 5 pieces of candy that we let them have last night, but they were all fast asleep by almost 7:45 pm.  Apparently that long walk over-ruled the sugar in the candy!  Thank goodness!

First thing up this morning though, they wanted more candy!  UGH!! 

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