Monday, June 25, 2012

EVELYN–Day 1 Visit 1

My day started at 7:00 am.  I was awake a bit before that, but didn’t get out of bed until then.  It was a shower, dressed and a quick check of FB and email before I had to meet Phillip for breakfast at 8:30 am.  The hotel we are staying at is really nice and breakfast was good.  I will post pictures of the hotel and some of the city views later today, but I will get to the good stuff now. 

We left for the orphanage at about 9:00 and it was a short drive.  We arrived early, but went in.  The orphanage is very large.  It’s like three buildings all in one. It reminded me of Jacob’s orphanage in Ukraine only bigger.  Gated all the way around and very nice clean grounds.  We walked in and were greeted by a doorman.  Phillip told him what we were there for and a few minutes later we were greeted by the director.  She seemed very nice, but a little reserved.  I asked a bunch of questions about Evelyn.. heart stuff, health stuff etc.  Nothing, for the most part that I didn’t already know.  Then I showed her some new photos of Chrissie Davis… Denise had sent me some to take to the orphanage to show how good Chrissie was doing!  She was so happy to get them and showed me a picture of Chrissie when she was still at the orphanage. 

Then the director said we could come outside and meet Evelyn.  I walked out of the office and down the hall…. there she was… standing with her caregiver.  Oh goodness… she was adorable and so tiny for almost 4 years old.  I will post more about her health issues later, but for now… here are her pictures from our first visit.


I am not quite sure about you and that camera!!!!  But isn’t she a beauty?


Love her already!!!!!  She likes my glasses too, just like Landon!!


Look at my LONG eyelashes!!!!!


Wanna play??  Come on.. I will show you the GOOD stuff!!!


Yep, the GOOD stuff… here is a swing… I like to swing, but not too high!



Such a pretty girl!!!!!


Oh look at those eyes!!!!!  So pretty!!!!



Yep, I think she is ok.. I think I will sit on her lap for a little while…. this was how we spent the last 20 minutes of my visit.  She was done running around (though she isn’t nearly as active as Landon) and she wanted to sit and play with my camera.  She was amazed by the pictures in there.  All-in-All it was a great visit.. great first visit with my girl!!!!


Sharon Edwards said...

She is adorable!

Shannon said...

LOVE her! She is precious!

Shannon said...

LOVE her! She is precious!

Sabrina said...

She is BEAUTIFUL!! Those brown eyes!

Glad you had a good first visit. Can't wait to follow along the rest of the week! Praying all goes well.

Sabrina said...
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Joe VanNice said...

Is she bigger then Jake? She looks tiny. Glad it went well.

annie said...

She really is a beauty! Glad you enjoyed your visit with you and that she took to you so well. God bless!

Amy L said...

Oh my, she is just precious!

Amy L said...

Oh my, she is just precious!

Christine said...

She is a cutie!