Saturday, June 23, 2012

A few pictures of our day!

I wanted to take many many more pictures, but it was sooo hot today and we were so tired this is all I managed to get taken….










My favorite butter of all time!!  LOL


Hungarian Pancakes –with chicken inside and veges!  YUMMY… this was Michelle’s meal!


Olya had the Goulosh Soup – looked good too!!!!!


I had the mushroom and cheese omelet with fries!  It was good!!!!

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Sharon Edwards said...

Brigette, I am sorry we didn't get to catch up with you. I did manage to talk to Michelle for a few minutes. My daughter was sick and so we just got some bland food and drinks and then rested at the hotel. We actually did knock on your door in the late afternoon -- can't remember the time but you didn't answer. I only knocked twice as I told my daugher you might be resting and I didn't want to disturb you. You were probably out or resting. Anyway, after seeing what you and Michelle ate it looks like my daughter would not have been able to eat that -- she was feeling pretty bad. The food looks good but not something that would have worked for either of us as I had been feeling pretty bad the day before. Anyway, sorry I missed you and I will be watching your blog for details of the rest of your trip. Maybe we will see you on the next trip!