Saturday, June 23, 2012

Q & A from Bulgaria

I have had some questions asked on FB and on my blog so I thought I would take a second to answer them!

Have you been allowed to play with any other kids?  Yes I was allowed to play with the other kids in the orphanage.  I asked Dani if they frowned upon me walking with or playing with the other kids and she said no.  By the end of my visits there, I was pretty popular and several of the little kids wanted to be around me.  I would comfort them if they cried or fell down.  It’s my nature.. I can’t sit by and watch a child cry.  Hopefully they (the caretakers) don’t blame me too much when the kids want to be comforted after getting hurt!  oops!!!

Miss you. He is sooo cute. Molli and I think he looks like Owen! I have had several people say he looks like Owen.  I think so a little bit especially with the hair.  Owen and Landon will match with Hockey Hair when they come home.

And now what? Is little lady in the same area?  I leave tomorrow at 2 pm to travel to Vratsa to meet Evelyn on Monday!  I am super excited.  I was excited to see Landon, but I am extra excited to meet Evelyn for the very first time.  Vratsa is about a 2 to 2 1/2 hour drive from Sofia.  I will be going with a different facilitator Phillip.  Can’t wait to get started on the second 1/2 of our journey!

Did the three other boys have a disability?  Not anything diagnosed however the one has some anger management problems and is pretty naughty… with spitting, biting, hitting and smiling through it all.  He looks like a typical child, but I think it’s survival of the fittest there and he is one of the fittest so he does what he needs to survive there.  Other wise I would say the three other boys are typical developing. 

Wow! that is so neat that the kids get to go out of the orphanage and that the caretaker will take them out to eat. So different from U!  Yes I think it’s awesome that someone cares enough to teach them about things outside the orphanage.  The psychologist takes them out on walks on a regular basis too.  I would imagine they all get outside of the confines of the orphanage (the little older ones anyway) probably about once a week.  She will take 2 or 3 at a time for walks during the afternoon outside time. 

Are you bringing the kids home on this trip?  No, unfortunately this is just a visit trip.  Meeting the kids, telling everyone here that we do in deed want to adopt them both.  Getting to know them.  Then I go back  home, file more paperwork, wait, more paperwork, wait,,….wait….wait.. and then hopefully late October, early November I can come back for a week and bring them both home for good!! 

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